How Digestive Wellness Affects Your Child’s Mind

Focus on Autism

The rise of autism in our culture is alarming. I created this web site so that you, as a parent, can enhance your child’s recovery. As a clinical nutritionist with a special interest in digestive health and children’s health, I keep asking myself:  What can help move these children along and why are they stuck? Specific diets, increased nutritional status, and improved digestive function are three of the foundational pillars that can help.

A parent survey with 27,000 families found that more than half of the children improved with dietary changes. Research also indicates that up to 70% of children on the autistic spectrum have digestive issues. I invite you to explore the resources of this site and see if they are useful for your child.

Liz Lipski, PhD, CCN, CHN
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The Dawson Story...
"E028 Splash improved the health and behavioral and cognitive skills of my son Mac,” says Amy, the mother of an autistic three-year-old who suffered from gastrointestinal issues. Once he was no longer suffering from the painful symptoms of his GI issues and began receiving the nutrition he needed, he improved developmentally and became a more involved member of his family." Click here to read more...