Insurance Reimbursement Information

Insurance rembursement for the use of these products varies depending on the state and insurance company. We are happy to help by providing the information below, but we have no way to predict if you will qualify.

Some insurance companies and state programs that cover our products require a reimbursement or Healthcare Common Procedure Code (HCPC). These codes are listed here for your convenience.

Below are sample reimbursement request letters that you can modify and use with your insurance company.The letters are provided in a rich text format that is compatible with most word processors.

Product Item # Reimbursement HCPCS Code

Insurance Reimbursement Letters
Right click,
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Neocate Junior - Unflavored 11790-USA 49735-0117-90 B4161
Neocate Junior - Tropical Fruit 12124-USA 49735-0121-24 B4161
Neocate Junior - Chocolate 12690 49735-0126-90 B4161
EO28 Splash - Grape 12670 49735-0126-70 B4161
EO28 Splash - Tropical Fruit 12666 12666 49735-0126-66 B4161
EO28 Splash - Orange-Pineapple 11050 11050 49735-0110-50 B4161




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