Chloe's Story

Splash Helps Chloe Thrive

Patient History: When Chloe was 2 years and 5 months old, she began exhibiting signs associated with autism spectrum disorder, including a decrease in socializing and diminishing eye contact. At 3 years old she was diagnosed with severe autism.

In addition, Chloe refused almost all foods and therefore wasn’t getting the nutrients she needed to grow and thrive. Her eating habits caused her to become extremely thin, moody and tired.

“It was stressful on the entire family,” said Chloe’s mother Shelley. “We needed to find something to get her the needed nutrients, fats and calories so that she would be healthy and have enough energy to focus on her ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) therapy.”

Nutritional Management and Outcome: Chloe’s parents first took her to a neurologist to rule out any physical problems she may have. She was then seen by psychologists who diagnosed her with autism spectrum disorder, but were not able to help in healing or treating her.

In an attempt to get Chloe speaking again and engage in social activity, she started ABA therapy, but her parents didn’t see much progress. Her parents also tried giving Chloe supplemental drinks to get extra nutrients in her, but this only resulted in Chloe waking up numerous times in the middle of the night and mood changes.

Chloe eventually started seeing a biomedical doctor who specialized in helping treat children with autism. The doctor ran a variety of tests and discovered that Chloe was highly allergic to milk.

The doctor recommended that Chloe try E028 Splash, an amino acid-based drink box for kids with severe milk allergies and related gastrointestinal issues. Chloe began drinking 1-2 boxes a day and within a week her parents noticed drastic changes.

“Once Chloe began taking E028 Splash she started acting more alert, spoke more and in general was a happier child,” said Shelley. “In addition, she made significant improvements in her ABA therapy because she was able to focus and was finally sleeping through the night!”

Summary: E028 Splash significantly improved the health of Chloe, a child diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder who also suffered from milk allergies. Once Chloe began taking E028 Splash and receiving the nutrition she needed, she was able to focus on her behavioral therapy.

“E028 Splash allowed Chloe’s body to heal,” said Shelley. “Chloe is now a happy girl and we will keep her on E028 Splash as long as she needs it.”



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