The Dawson Story

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E028 Splash Improves Mac’s GI Issues
Better Nutrition Helps Autistic Boy Better Focus on Developmental Therapy

Patient History: Premature at birth, respiratory problems, and GI issues, along with several developmental issues - the Dawson family was bound for many hospital visits with their son Mac. Around 15 months of age, things became even harder when it became more difficult to get Mac’s attention and make eye contact him. Mac had been in therapy for months, and was seen by several doctors, but as the months went on it became more apparent Mack was not developing like other kids his age.

By the time he was two years old, Mac’s mother Amy became concerned that it was more than developmental delay causing problems for her son. His social skills were limited, his behavior was changing and his cognitive thinking was not on par with his twin sister. After more doctor visits, Mac was diagnosed with autism.

For three years, Mac suffered from gastrointestinal issues, including reflux, vomiting and loose stool. Due to his many impairments Mac was failing to thrive and not obtaining adequate nutrition even though he had been 100% tube fed from birth.

Nutritional Management and Outcome: At about age two and a half, an allergist diagnosed Mac with multiple food allergies. The allergist did not believe Mac was allergic to dairy. Months later, Amy and Mac met a new doctor who advised an elimination diet to determine whether dairy was causing problems for Mac. That night Mac was taken off dairy. Tears of joy came to Amy when he called her “Mama” the very next day.

Soon after the diet changes and to ensure Mac was getting all the nutrition he needed to thrive, a pediatrician recommended that Mac start taking E028 Splash, a nutritionally complete, amino acid-based drink. E028 Splash provides the daily recommended intake (DRIs) of vitamins and minerals needed for growth and development and has shown to relieve GI symptoms in 3 days¹. Mac saw relief, had no painful GI symptoms and had improvement with his autistic symptoms. For example, Mac stopped staring off into space as though in a trance.

“He went from throwing up eight to ten times a day and needing respiratory medications three times a day to rarely throwing up in a month and not needing any respiratory medication at all,” says Amy.

After starting the E028 Splash, Mac had better bowl movements, gained weight, had better muscle tone, became more verbal, made more eye contact and began making better progress with his developmental therapy. Mac is finally thriving.

“You can really tell he’s happier because he’s not in pain anymore,” says Amy.
“It was like going from having my son be lost to me to not having my son be lost to me anymore,” says his mother Amy.

Six months after starting E028 Splash Mac visited one of his specialists, an orthopaedic surgeon, who saw him just before he switched to EO28 Splash. In her outpatient report Mac’s doctor wrote: “Mac is unbelievably different than even 6 months ago in terms of his overall motor function. He is very active. He is also very vocal and says a number of words. Mac is very well nourished.”

Summary: E028 Splash improved the health and behavioral and cognitive skills of Mac, an autistic three-year-old who suffered from gastrointestinal issues. Many children with autism have GI issues; however healthcare professionals do not always link the two together. Once he was no longer suffering from the painful symptoms of his GI issues and began receiving the nutrition he needed, he improved developmentally and became a whole new little boy and became a part of his family.



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