Solvej's Story

E028 Splash Has Solvej Walking and Talking

Patient History: When Solvej was a year old she began refusing food. By about 18 months, feeding her was almost impossible. She would constantly scream and become frantic if her parents even tried to put her near a high chair.

What most kids eat in a week, Solvej would eat in a month” says her mom Jenny. “When a normal kid would eat a whole banana, we would be lucky if Solvej even had a bite.”

Because she was suffering from malnutrition, Solvej also began to fall behind other kids her age on her growth and development. She was just learning to crawl when most kids were beginning to walk. And when other toddlers were beginning to put sentences together, Solvej was not yet speaking.

Nutritional Management and Outcome: Jenny took Solvej to several pediatricians, but none of them could determine the cause of her eating problems. They said Solvej would eat when she was hungry, but Solvej never ate.

Jenny was finally referred to a developmental pediatrician who recommended that Solvej try E028 Splash, an amino-acid based medical food for children with gastrointestinal issues.

“We saw immediate results with E028 Splash,” says Jenny. “Within two days of starting the medical food, Solvej was a happier kid. By the end of the first week she began walking.”

After beginning E028 Splash, Solvej quickly caught up with other children her age. She began walking and her language skills dramatically improved. Within six months, she went from not talking at all to speaking in full sentences.”

“While we’re not sure what exactly was causing Solvej’s feeding issues, we’re sure her quick turnaround has something to do with getting the proper nutrition from E028 Splash,” says Jenny.

Summary: After refusing to eat any type of food, E028 Splash provided Solvej with the nutrition she needed to thrive. Since she still refuses to eat many foods, a box of E028 Splash at every meal ensures that she gets the calories and nutrients necessary for any growing child.

“E028 Splash has made a huge difference,” says Jenny. “We now have a happier child and a happier family.”



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